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Smilekraft Cosmetic Dental Clinic Koramangala

Welcome To 20 Years Of Exceptional 
Dental Care

We are deeply committed to the principles of dependability, accountability, transparency, and consistency. Our unique treatment options, including custom aligners and veneers, are a testament to this commitment. We invite you to experience the confidence of a beautiful smile, meticulously crafted by Dr. Sidharth and his team.

Message from our founder

Hello everyone!

I’m Dr. Sidharth, the face behind Smilekraft. Join us, as we embark on a healthcare revolution fueled by dependability, accountability, consistency and transparency. We’re not your average dental practice—we’re the cool kids on the block. Smilekraft is all about making smiles shine brighter than ever.Over the last 5 years I have worked and created my own aligners, treated over a hundred aligner cases, and nailed a hundred veneers with finesse. But hey, it’s not just about my achievements —it’s about our values. 

When it comes to Dependability, consider us your trusted partner. 

Accountability? We’ve got covered, no ifs or buts from our end. 

Consistency? Count on us for work that we are proud of every single time. And

Transparency? We’ve got nothing to hide—we’re all about honest smiles.

So, if you’re in search of a dental experience that’s friendly, fantastic, and full of pizzazz, join the Smilekraft family.

Let’s connect and let’s redefine the future of healthcare together. Here in Smilekraft we’re turning frowns upside down, one smile at a time !

Why You Should Choose Smilekraft?

Dr Sidharth Shankar, founder of Smilekraft Dental Clinic Koramangala, who has been practicing for close to 2 decades, provides his patients with the best pain free solutions to all of their dental problems. Treating patients in a highly sanitized clinic with the latest and advanced technology , a wide range of services are provided from cosmetic dentistry, braces and aligners to solving general dental and oral issues that usually cover.

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Meet our Dental Surgeons

Dr. Sidharth Shankar
MDS, Head cosmetic dentist, periodontist & implantalogisT

Dr. Megha Sidharth
Cosmetic dentist & DIRECTOR

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Here we have compiled a list of some of the most common and frequent queries or questions we keep getting from our patients. Get it all below and if we your query is not listed below, you can fill the form and ask us anything you have on your mind related to dental and oral care.

To find the best and most preferred dental clinic in Koramangala, you can search for the recommended ones by reputed sites ike Practo. Or you must search for the best rated and reviewed clinics as per Google suggestions.

Cosmetic dentistry is the process that involves smile makeovers, it includes and not limited to only ceramic veneers. It involves composite bonding, whitening and alignment procedures. Dr Sidharth has a passion for cosmetic procedures. You can also find recommendations on google and read reviews.

Clinic is not open 24 hours.We attend to emergency appointments during the working hours.You can call 9986772006 for any help during non working hours.

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