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Why Does Wisdom Tooth Pain

Why does wisdom tooth pain?

We tend to see wisdom teeth impacted in bone more often these days. this is e due to the reduction in the Jaws size which cannot accommodate the last molar or the wisdom teeth. The usual age of eruption of the wisdom tooth is around 21years. If it gets impacted we find the symptoms of pain start developing anytime between the age of 20 to 28 years. The predominant reason why wisdom teeth cause trouble is because of food starts to gets wedged between the wisdom tooth and the adjoining molar. The patient usually does not realize this. He realizes that food impaction happens only when a large chunk gets lodged there.

The food that is lost results in swelling and inflammation in the surrounding gums or gingiva resulting in acute pain but over time it also starts rotting the wisdom tooth and the adjoining molar. Discomfort from this gives sensitivity and foul smell to the patient.

Why Does Wisdom Tooth Pain

What must we do with the wisdom tooth?


The wisdom tooth should be removed as soon as the first signs of trouble are noticed. The only reason why a wisdom tooth should be considered important is if in future the doctor or the patient is planning to use the wisdom tooth for support to provide a bridge for a missing tooth.

Is wisdom tooth extraction painful?

Why Does Wisdom Tooth Pain

Removal of the wisdom tooth is not painful anymore due to the advent of powerful analgesics and pain control measures. the discomfort is also so less as we use motorized instruments as compared to chisel which was used before.

Before the wisdom tooth is extracted a proper diagnosis is essential to prevent complication during removal

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