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Wedding Smiles

                            “SHE HAD SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL, WAS IT HER SMILE ?”

As a bride or groom when it comes to looking good on your wedding day, You go all extreme for makeovers from hair to your shoes/stilettos.

Have you ever thought how a beautiful smile can add an extra charisma to your  BIG DAY!



So you have your classy dress ready.Got your chic hairdo done with flawless makeup. Stunning jewelry to match, all apt for your wedding.The day you have always dreamt of to perfection. When everything is picture perfect,don’t ruin it with a bad set of teeth. Just like  having a beautiful dress is the most important thing,but your smile is the number one thing people will always remember.



Now, you really want to get that beautiful smile isnt it?

The first thing you should be doing is get a professional cleaning and whitening done. This can be done one week prior to your Big day. Avoid coffee, tea or red wine as they tend to stain your teeth.

Try dry brushing the day of your wedding without toothpaste before using a toothpaste. This helps remove calculus and plaque

If you have makeover to be done, like a complete smile correction please start getting consultations many months prior to your wedding day.

What does a Smilemakeover mean? 

Smilemakeover or cosmetic dentistry involves aligning your teeth, crooked or gaps in between your teeth,whitening dull teeth,hiding fluorosis stains,reducing gum display,replace missing teeth. The treatment modality tries to keep the patients esthetics and function as the primary concern.


Now this option will be apt only if you have at least six months before your wedding day.

The best braces a bride or a groom can think of are the lingual braces which are placed on your inner arch of your teeth. Now this can be worn on your wedding day also as it is completely invisible and can still flaunt your smile. The next one would be clear aligners or transparent braces. As the name suggests they are completely transparent and invisible set of trays. The plus point is they are removable.

You can also opt for other traditional braces like the metal or ceramic ones provided you have given us sufficient time to give you the perfect smile on your wedding day.



Veneers or crowns are the first treatment of choice when it comes to smilecorrection. The fascinating fact about this treatment is it can be done within 2 weeks working time.

The advantage of veneer is that only the outer enamel surface of the teeth needs to be reduced to accommodate a veneer.The amount of teeth reduced is very minimal to the tune of 0.7 mm. Whereas in crowns the whole tooth needs to be reduced to accommodate for the thickness of the crown.

  • Very Aesthetic
  • Very lifelike and real
  • Treatment of choice first in cosmetic smile corrections
  • The color of the teeth can completely be changed to the patients desire
  • Ideal for fluorosis cases
  • The color and finish do not fade over time



Teeth whitening:

The color of your teeth is the most important thing one can focus on. Teeth whitening involves safe removal of extrinsic stains and intrinsic yellowing, giving you more whiter and glowing smile.


Dental Implant:

No one needs to know about your missing teeth. Dental Implants are your substitue for your natural teeth. This again is a treatment which has to be performed few months prior to your wedding date.


All brides and grooms to be,go get your dazzling smile. Make your wedding day the most glamorous one, for you and your loved ones 🙂








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