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Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment

Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment Bangalore

Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment Bangalore: Many of us have irregularly placed teeth. Most times due to this we try to cover and hide our smile and are very conscious of it. We all know that braces is to be used to correct our smile. But our professional life and social circle does not allow us to wear braces visible for others. The duration of wear also sometimes lasts for 1 year. Hence we avoid due to the embarrassment of wearing them. 

Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment

Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment


Best Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment

There is an answer for this. Not many of us know of lingual braces which functions the same as the regular braces but is completely invisible to others. The reason being, these are beautifully stuck to the undersurface of the teeth. Everyday your smile improves without others knowing Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment.



A qualified lingual orthodontist takes your impressions and custom made brackets are prepared for individual teeth. Once ready they are attached to your teeth with the help of bonding agents and cured.




Duration varies from patient to patient. After your consultation with the dentist your treatment plan is made and the duration of treatment will also be discussed after taking a few pictures of your teeth and smile.




Like traditional braces, lingual braces too have to be taken care. You should avoid sticky and hard things. Mandatory cleaning sessions every 2-3 months.

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