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How to protect your Child’s Teeth | Children Teeth Treatment Bangalore

How to protect your child’s teeth

How to protect your Child’s Teeth : Different species of bacteria are present in the mouth.  Some are beneficial to our health and some are harmful.The bacteria break down the available  sugar and produce acids. These acids leech away minerals from the tooth surface. Enamel forms the outer most layer of our teeth. This  Enamel is harder than bone. But with the continuous onslaught of acids it slowly start to crumble.

        Foods that encourage the growth of these bacteria and acid production should be avoided .Sticky sweets and carbohydrates in the form of rusk and biscuit tend to cause more cavities

Sweet snacks and sweetened drinks and beverages are harmful.

Frequency of intake of these sugars and food also plays a role. As it is seen that more the frequency of eating,  results in more cavities.Especially true in adolescents and children in a report published recently. Daily intake of sugar as in the report for children. Aged 5-11 years is 24 gm and 19 gm for children aged 4-6 years.


  1. Reduce the frequency of intake of sugars,  instead of spreading eating times. Get the eating times closer.

  2. Reduce the intake of simple carbohydrates.

  3. Reduce or stop consumption of sweet beverages.

  4. Inculcate the habit of washing and rinsing of mouth after every meal.

  5. If an urge to have chocolates exists. Dark chocolates are found to non be cariogenic.

  6. For sudden hunger pangs between meals cubes of carrot and vegetables can be given.or packed.

  7. Brushing twice a day. It should be done by the parent till the age of 5 years

  8. Flossing as a habit should done as soon as the first permanent teeth errupt

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