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How to fix gap in my teeth

How to Fix Gap in My Teeth ?

How to fix the gap in my teeth?

How to Fix Gap in My Teeth:-This is one of the most asked questions at our dental clinic in Bangalore. gaps and they’re presence in the front teeth they look very unsightly and if they presence in the back teeth they become areas where food continuously gets collected and rots.

Braces are one of the best options we use at the dental clinic to close gaps advantage is there very conservative and minimal aftercare is required

what are braces and can I avoid braces?

Smile is the first feature noticed or seen when we meet somebody for the first time. If one has a crooked smile he becomes conscious of this and is clearly noticeable. There are many ways to correct gaps between teeth and forwardly placed teeth.

The best and the first dental solution for or correcting defects in teeth alignment is braces. braces have been one of the best dental solutions we have been able to offer here to our patients in Bangalore. the reason why braces are preferred as the best solution for correcting in teeth is that it is very conservative in its approach

The options of braces at the dental clinic change over the past 10 years we now offer advance options exclusive to the dental clinic. we have options like fast braces, ceramic braces,Invisible braces and lingual braces.

Advantages :


Disadvantages :

Patient compliance

Can we do braces without extraction for removing my tooth?

Tooth removal is always not the best and true solution for braces. Nowadays there is advanced braces systems that works by avoiding tooth removal. also, there are other methods like interproximal reduction which can be used for or gaining space. The best approach for braces at our clinic in Bangalore is dental braces. Only when braces are not required by the patient from a discomfort point or because there is a time constraint. Only then other options a smile correction are given to the patient.
The other options are Veneers, Crowns,


I am now working can I get braces?

One of the most frequently asked questions at the dental clinic is whether can I get braces at this age. Braces can be taken at any age the only difference being that the speed of treatment is on the lower side. Our oldest running patient is at 65 years 🙂




what is toothsi ?

Toothsi is just a new and recent brand of invisible braces now available they are one of the newest companies to offer invisible braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign are are the leaders and the best solution of braces. Of all The Invisible braces systems that we have in India and used at our dental clinic in Bangalore we have found invisalign compares to the best.


What are lingual braces ?

The advantage of lingual braces is that they are placed behind the tooth. They are able to perform all functions of regular Braces. They beat Invisalign is able to do even the toughest of cases.

Dr. Sidharth Shankar is a practicing Periodontist in Koramangala Bangalore , for the last 15 years. He is an alumni from A B Shetty Dental College Mangalore graduated in the year 2001, was practising in Chennai under one of the best periodontists till 2004. He finished his masters in periodontology in 2007 at Oxford dental, Bangalore. Again guided by the best in the field of dentistry.
Since graduation from 2007 up to 2015 Dr Sidharth has been a consultant Dentist at many advanced dental clinics across Bangalore. And Since 2015 he has been exclusively practising at his clinic.
He has been attending many Perio conferences and implant conferences chiseling away at his handwork. He has been attached to academic institutions for 9 years.

An experienced practitioner His practice involves using minimal invasive dental procedures to conserve. He has a keen interest in the world of Cosmetic Dentistry. He uses a combination of invisible braces , Aligners or invisalign along with Veneers Bonding and Crowns to achieve his patients wishes.

Smilekraft Dental clinic is Situated in Koramangala Bangalore, But it serves patients from all over.
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