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How do I know I have cavities?

Most of us know what a decay or a cavity is. In layman term,the black spot or discoloration you see on top or in between your teeth is a cavity.


Next question would be how does cavity occur? Tooth decay is basically the destruction of your tooth enamel which forms the first layer. Plaque which is a sticky film(usually seen in the morning before you brush your teeth), produces acids that attack the tooth enamel. And as plaque builds up overtime the enamel can breakdown. Also when your oral hygiene is poor,decays tend to occur. Basically what you are eating will be feeding the bacteria as well.


Once the decays/cavities are formed there is no way you can stop them from growing. The only best option is to go to a dentist and get rid of them permanently. If delayed,the decays grow from layer to layer- enamel- dentin-pulp. Now, when it reaches the pulp,where the nerve is, that is when most people rush to see the dentist. That is when the pain is crucial and throbbing type.

How do you know you have a decay?

  • Visual appearance- when you see a black discoloration on the surface or in between your teeth
  • Food getting stuck in between your teeth
  • Sensitivity/pain
  • Bad smell
  • Pus

Our advice to you all is to get rid of all your cavities as soon as you see or when your dentist mentions to you about them during your regular check up, else be ready for a root canal treatment.


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