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Gum Infection Treatment in Bangalore

Gum Infection Treatment in Bangalore | Cost of Gum Disease Treatment in Bangalore

Gum Infection Treatment in Bangalore | Cost of Gum Disease Treatment in Bangalore

Gum Infection Treatment in Bangalore: Do you have Paradontosis / Periodontitis or commonly called Gum infection that refuses to leave?

Yes, you need a dentist’s help. You also have to remember that periodic follow-up and good maintenance are as important if not more important than the treatment you get done.

We as a protocol need to see a patient as much as 7 to 8 times to get them free of gum infection.

A water flosser is one of the aids we use and prescribe frequently. Research has shown it to be the most effective oral hygiene method. We personally have seen a vast improvement in gum infection results in our patients.

1. How many times do I use it?
Of course once a day, but we advise you to use it once in the morning after breakfast and once after dinner. We have found it to be most effective in frequency.

2. How do I use it?
The most important area is the gums between the teeth. The flosser tip needs to be placed between the teeth pointing into the gums. Hold the tip there not moving it for a slow count of 5. Once the count is done move it along the gum margin to the next spot between the teeth. Repeat the count of 5 here.
Gum infection usually starts between the teeth as these are hard-to-reach areas for a brush.

3. It bleeds and is painful during flossing, Am I doing it wrong?

Bleeding or pain if it occurs during flossing it is an indication that there is persisting infection. We recommend you use the water flosser there double the time even if there is pain. You will notice that in a few days the pain there will disappear.
If the pain persists please see your Dentist.

4. Is there a specific brand or model to buy?

We generally recommend the handheld portable rechargeable model as it’s more accessible. Try to make it as convenient as it will help you be consistent.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, flosser everyday keeps @dr_sidharth_shankar at bay 🤣🤣.

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