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Flashes of delight- Oral Irrigator

Flashes of delight- Oral Irrigator

How important is it to maintain your oral hygiene?

I sometimes wonder when patients ask me this question. And sometimes it alarms me when I see young patients with very bad oral hygiene, excessive stains, and calculus. Are they so busy with life that they do not realize they have the bad odor or a mouth with a thick layer of calculus?

Gum infection is a silent slow disease that takes away the bone around the teeth. The only warnings it shows are bleeding gums and bad odor. A wake-up call, these will progress to finally shaking and falling teeth.

Well for all you lazy people, there is a device which helps you maintain your hygiene. But this does not mean you stop brushing and depend only on this device.

WATERFLOSSER or an ORAL IRRIGATOR- shoots water in between your teeth with the required amount of force and flushes out all the debris collected. Your brush is never going to reach the areas in between your teeth. And if you are not cleaning these areas you are inviting cavities, gum infections, and halitosis(bad smell).





The oral irrigator is very comfortable to use. Better than a floss. The reason being- sometimes the string tends to get stuck in between your teeth and fray, also tying around the fingers could be a little cumbersome. If you are already using the string one and are happy with it, you can continue to do so.

Patients with braces, those with gum infections and those who complain of food impaction can use this device. It works wonders. And the advantage of water flosser is it has got interchangeable tips and can be used by everyone in the family



Trust me on this, when I say you will definitely feel the difference after using this. The most popular and trusted brand is the Waterpik, there are lots of other brands also like ora care

useful tip: The portable model 450 is the easiest to use but the attachments are limited

model 660, 100 are wired, but have attachments which family members can share.


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