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Dr Sidharth Shankar – Best Dental Doctor in Bangalore | Top Dental Doctor in Koramangala

Dr. Sidharth Shankar

Dr. Sidharth Shankar

Cosmetic Dentist Bangalore

“Every patient is unique, no single text book treatment approach can be adopted. It is important to listen, understand and then diagnose.” Dedicated , experienced and skilled. These three words describe our doctor.
Being an army officers son he has had the opportunity to travel all over India and an opportunity to understand the various cultures. Returned to his home town of Bangalore in 1992 where he has been since. After clearing his entrance examinations, he joined A B Shetty Institute of dental sciences , Mangalore in 1997. One of the most premier dental training institutes in India. After a very active college circuit , he moved to Chennai. He was under training there for 2 years gaining exposure and experience. After developing interest in further studies he cleared his entrance examinations to a Masters program in Periodontology and Implantology . Post his masters he has been a consultant at the leading dental clinics addressing difficult and challenging cases. An avid reader, humble individual. Dr Shankar is an experienced and dedicated clinician. He has 15 plus years of experience. His passion is in continually improving the art and practice of dentistry.
He presently practices dentistry with minimal invasive procedures. He is a problem solver by nature and , reads everyday to update himself on the latest in dental cosmetics, Implants periodontal aesthetic surgeries, TMJ etc.

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Dr Sidharth Sankar

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