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Dental fear and anxiety-no more

Dental fear and anxiety!

If you are reading this article, that for sure means you have a phobia for dentists. You are not alone. We get yo see lot of patients who procrastinate their treatment just for the fear of visiting a dentist.
But its not a problem that needs to be overpowering and certainly not one that should get in a way of your oral health.
I will give you some helpful tips for you all who are struggling with fear and anxiety of visiting a dentist.
Generally, an underlying fear of dental treatment is often related to some previous bad experience by the dental assistant or the office over billed you or it could be even the dentist being insensitive.
All this happens and its very unfortunate.But it should not stop you from future visits either with the same dentist or with a new one. And the most important thing is to always tell the dentist about your past experience so they can understand your state of mind.

No Fear anymore for Dental anxiety

The simplest and the easiest way is to look after your teeth. Prevention is always better than cure. You can definitely reduce your chances of requiring serious dental procedures by just taking good care of your teeth. Brushing twice daily and flossing before you go to bed are the simple methods.
The feeling of “its going to hurt” should be taken off from your mind. Let the dentist know if you are nervous about the pain, then he can administer anesthesia so you dont have to suffer. Sedation is one of the best option for those who have dental anxiety or fear.
Fear of needles or injections can be taken care by applying anesthetic gel before injecting the area. This should mean that you wont feel a thing.
You might have put off treatment or may have gone years without get your teeth cleaned. And now you are embarrassed by the bad state of your mouth or what the dentist might think or say to you.
Dental professionals have seen it all. You dont have to worry about feeling ashamed. They deal with damaged teeth and gums every day. So relax, its their job to help people with dental problems. and help them get healthy.
Its important to stay in control. If at any time during the treatment you feel uncomfortable, you can simply raise your hand. This helps the dentists know you need help.
Just remember, if you experience any of the worries, they all can be overcome
Communicating your feeling to your dentist is the best way to overcome.
Feel gratitude for your teeth and for your access to good oral care. Do not procastinate, visit your dentist every six months to spot early problems.
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