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Cosmetic Dentistry- Your journey to a smilemakeover

Cosmetic Dentistry- Your journey to a Smilemakeover               

  Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful smile?

But I have also come across people who are not aware of the bad teeth they have. Bad teeth as in teeth with heavy stains, teeth which are not aligned correctly. Stains could be due to mainly reasons- heavy smoking, excessive drinking of tea or coffee, alcohol, and aging.  And teeth which are not aligned correctly are not only esthetically pleasing, but they also make it extremely difficult to maintain oral hygiene. The reason being- when teeth are not straight your brush does not reach all the areas meant to be cleaned and so inviting gum infections and decays.

For all those who are not aware of the magic cosmetic dentistry can do, here is a brief description.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic Dentistry is nothing but making your smile beautiful. Gaps in between teeth, irregularly placed teeth, those conscious about the shape, size and color of teeth, color and reshaping of gums etc can be corrected with various methods either with the help of braces or with porcelain veneers and ceramic crowns. Smilemakeover does give you the confidence and boost your confidence in personal and professional life. I have seen many people covering their mouth while smiling, some who do not smile at all causing them to avoid social interactions. For all of you, smilemakeover would be the ideal choice of treatment and it definitely does make a difference. 



These few pictures of smilecorrection will help you make a decision. Don’t wait, you are on your way to get the perfect smile you always desired for.


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