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Why Does Wisdom Tooth Pain

Why does wisdom tooth pain? We tend to see wisdom teeth impacted in bone more often these days. this is e due to the reduction in the Jaws size which cannot accommodate the last molar or the wisdom teeth. The usual age of eruption of the wisdom tooth is around 21years. If it gets impacted […]

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Dental fear and anxiety-no more

Dental fear and anxiety! If you are reading this article, that for sure means you have a phobia for dentists. You are not alone. We get yo see lot of patients who procrastinate their treatment just for the fear of visiting a dentist. But its not a problem that needs to be overpowering and certainly […]

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All You Need To Know About Laser Dentistry!

All You Need To Know About Laser Dentistry! All You Need To Know About Laser Dentistry!: I get to see a lot of patients who have dental phobia. When asked the reason, they tell me about how they hate the sound of the high-speed drill or about the bleeding and painful gum surgeries. That is […]

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Cosmetic Dentistry- Your journey to a smilemakeover

Cosmetic Dentistry- Your journey to a Smilemakeover                  Who doesn’t want to have a beautiful smile? But I have also come across people who are not aware of the bad teeth they have. Bad teeth as in teeth with heavy stains, teeth which are not aligned correctly. Stains […]

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