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Aligners Services – Best Invisible Braces Aligners

Best Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment Bangalore

Best Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment Bangalore: Braces can be very scary and uncomfortable to some. Aligners is a simple easy and convenient way to get your teeth aligned”

Aligners at smilekraft dental clinic

The clinic has been offering aligners as a treatment option since they first arrived in Bangalore. We have gone thru the various companies available. We have to understand that aligners and the different companies have various plus points and negatives. Therefore the selection of the right aligner for the treatment is important.

Why select Smilekraft for your Aligners?

At Smilekraft we have 3 options of aligners to choose from, These options are not selected because one is cheaper than the other. These are selected based on their different capabilities.
Option 1. InHouse aligners
Option 2. Invisalign
Option 3. Third-party companies

In-house aligners are special as we do our own aligners. The steps in making an aligner are first a Scan > Treatment plan > 3D Models > Thermoplastic Trays > Space creation and delivery of the trays.

The aligners are only as good as each step in the process. In our In-house aligners, we control the quality of each of these steps. The other advantage is we can give you aligners in a few days’ time, unlike Invisalign where the delay is a minimum of 20 days.
We try to conserve teeth so we prefer arch expansion as a means of gaining space.

Why select Smilekraft for Invisalign treatments?

A tool is only as good as the doctors handling it, Similarly with Invisalign. The doctors handling Invisalign at Smilekraft are experienced at doing complex cases.

Also, since we have other options available. You will have the benefit of getting the best option.

Are there other options than aligners?

The clinic specializes in Cosmetic dental procedures. You can discuss and get options for aligners, Veneers, Crowns Implants, etc.

Who do I meet for my Smile correction?
All consultations related to smile corrections are seen by Dr. Sidharth, who will then guide you based on the need.

Best Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment Bangalore – The company is most commonly known worldwide and synonymous with aligner treatment is Invisalign. This was a USA based company and now has recently entered India in its original form in 2016. We are one of the centers where you can obtain the actual Invisalign aligners. We have been providing Invisible braces and cosmetic treatment options for many years now. Dreamt of having straight and aligned teeth that give a beautiful smile? You don’t have to just dream anymore. With Best Invisible Braces Aligners, you can get your dream smile. When you smile, the whole world really smiles with you. This is very true. When you smile you look more confident and that confidence makes people comfortable with you. Getting teeth aligned not only is aesthetically pleasing but also provides health benefits. Benefits with teeth aligned? how? With misplaced teeth or crowded teeth, your brush doesn’t reach all the areas and also makes it difficult to floss as well. So it becomes quite obvious for food to collect in those areas, which in turn leads to cavities and gum infections. You may have to deal with the embarrassing metal and elastics that standout against your natural teeth. And also to need to change your food habits to avoid breakage of the brackets. This is where the invisible braces come in.

Best Invisible Braces Aligners Treatment Bangalore

There are many other companies available with us at Smilekraft Dental clinic namely – Clearpath, Care aligners, Inman Aligners etc. you get an opportunity to select one that suits you. Coming back to braces. Like said earlier braces help with teeth alignment. Traditional braces like the metal and ceramic are the first options that come to mind when teeth alignment is concerned. But the idea of wearing traditional braces is unpleasant. Most people are intimated by the braces as they are unsightly.

Would you like to know more about invisible braces?

Invisible or clear braces are the newest kind of teeth alignment making it easy for people of all ages to get dental treatment without the presence of traditional braces. They have come as a boon to all those who are suffering from misaligned or crowded teeth. Invisible braces are like an investment in a new smile. There are used in most conditions where traditional braces are used. But they also have certain conditions like they are designed mainly for teens and adults and not for children. Preferably to be in the mouth with all permanent teeth. And they are used to correct only minor imperfections like spaces between teeth, overbite or crooked teeth.

How do they work?

A series of invisible removable trays gradually push teeth into their position by applying constant and gentle pressure at key points. These trays are prepared at the beginning of the treatment and you need to replace each tray with the next one in the series until your teeth reach the final positions. These trays are completely invisible and are wire and bracket free. These aligners are made just for you and are fabricated at the laboratory based on 3D impressions. The number of aligners required depends on the condition of your teeth.

What is the duration of the treatment?

Duration varies from patient to patient and depends on the condition of your teeth. You need to wear the trays at least 22 hours per day, removing them only to eat, drink, floss and brush.

How often should you visit us?

Although we love to see our patients often, with clear aligners you need to see us every 4 to 6 weeks.

The most recent advance to dentistry is the use of 3D technology in the correction and alignment of crooked teeth. The teeth are scanned and uploaded onto the system. The most common cases addressed are as follows –

  • Gaps in between
  • Rolled over each other
  • Spaces between them
  • The scanned image is used to measure the amount of movement required.
  • Also, the sequence of teeth movement required to get the desired smile is planned.

The scanned image is used to measure the amount of movement required. Also, the sequence of teeth movement required to get the desired smile is planned.

Once the planning stage is finished. 3D printers are used to create a sequence of models. Each model has a slight correction of the teeth. As we reach the final sequence of models the teeth are completely aligned in them. Transparent trays are compressed on these models. These are called aligners. As you wear the sequence of invisible trays the crooked teeth slowly get corrected. This is a very cost-effective system as there are multiple companies to select from. Depending on the severity and complexity of the case the aligners are designed.

How to use the aligners :

The system of aligners consist of transparent plastic trays. These trays are to be worn in sequence. Each tray roughly lasts you for 2 weeks. As you move thru the system of trays you will find the gaps slowly closing.

Is there pain?

After inserting the aligner a tightness or discomfort is felt for two to three days. After that the initial pressure it settles down.

Used for

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Teeth in front
  • Deep bite
  • Collapsed bite
  • Crooked teeth




Dr Sidharth Sankar

Dr.Sidharth Shankar

Dental Clinic, Primary Health Care
Dr Sidharth Shankar is practicing dentist for 15 years. An experienced clinician in managing and treating cases using aligners and other cosmetic options. He is also a qualified practicing laser dentist. Aligners are cost effective and help get the desired results.

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