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Best Dental Implants Koramangala

Best Dental Implants Koramangala : are the best way to replace missing teeth. They in addition to restoring teeth, they save and prevent damage to adjacent natural teeth. The application of implants in 1964 into dentistry revolutionized how we restore/rehabilitate missing teeth. Since then a lot of research and thought has gone into designing Best Dental Implants Bangalore. A lot of change regularly happens in the design , applications and surgical protocols for Best Dental Implants.

The durability and the survivability of the implant has also improved over time. Now it is a safe and predictable procedure. Also the cost of placing implants has now reduced with advancing research.

Using of Best Dental Implants in Bangalore reduces undue damage such as Root canal procedures and crowns on unaffected or uninvolved teeth and it provides Painless Dental Implant In Bangalore.

We have in house Implantologists and bone grafting Surgeons who place implants. Dr Sidharth Shankar is a periodontist and a trained implantologist. He uses one of the best implant systems in the world for lasting results. Care is taken to ensure you get the maximum benefit of the treatment.

The patient can select from a varied number of implant companies. Bone grafting for reduced bone support is also done at our centre.


Best Dental Implants Bangalore specialize in –

  • Single teeth implants
  • Implants in aesthetic areas
  • Implants in front teeth
  • Implant supported dentures
  • Implants in gum infection cases
  • Youngsters with early loss of teeth
  • Full Mouth oral rehab
Dr Sidharth Sankar

Dr.Sidharth Shankar

Dental Clinic, Primary Health Care
Dr Sidharth Shankar is an experienced periodontist. He has been helping patients with gum infection for the last 15 years. He uses pain free methods and Laser Dental treatment to control gum infection. He tries to avoid surgery as much as possible. He believes every patient requires individual care and attention.
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