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Best Braces Treatment in Bangalore

Best Braces Treatment in Bangalore | Dental Braces Cost in Bangalore

Best Braces Treatment in Bangalore | Dental Braces Cost in Bangalore

Best Braces Treatment in Bangalore: People sometimes feel they need braces because their front teeth are too visible or lower teeth are standing out.

At times it’s not the teeth at fault. The lower jaw holding the teeth is the culprit.

The face is usually divided into thirds: Forehead, Mid third ( with the nose ), lower third from the base of the nose to the chin. These should be equal in size to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The treatment option here is BSSO,
Bilateral Sagtital Split Osteotomy. The procedure is used when the lower third of the face is out of proportion. The procedure is used to either take the lower Jaw backward or forwards.

The procedure involves sliding the lower jaw ahead or behind.

The procedure is done under General Anaesthesia. It was first performed in the 1940s. Since then it has become a fairly common procedure to correct lower Jaw abnormalities.

Best Braces Treatment in Bangalore

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FAQ:- Braces Treatment in Bangalore

1. Where is the procedure done?
The procedure is usually carried out in a hospital setting under General Anaesthesia.

2. What is the downtime after the procedure?
Usually, the hospitalization is for 2 to 3 days. But post-operative swelling usually lasts for 1 month.

3. What are the complications of the procedure?
There could be a transient loss of sensation in the chin or could be permanent too. If the surgeon is not experienced the procedure could go wrong. There could also be post-operative Infection. The complications are rare but the possibility exists.

4. Do I need Braces?
Yes, this procedure is generally preceded with fixed Braces and later followed up with fixed braces to adjust the occlusion or Bite

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