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Invisible Braces Bangalore | Aligners Treatment in Bangalore | Aligners in India

Invisible Braces Bangalore | Aligners Treatment in Bangalore | Aligners in India

Aligners are basically transparent  plastic trays. These plastic trays are manufactured after studying a patient smile, Aligners Treatment in Bangalore.

Using the software designed for the purpose.The plastic trays are  manufactured. The idea is very simple in that by wearing the set of plastic trays the teeth move into desired position.

       Aligners are preferred by the patient.This is because they are removable. They provide a degree of comfort the Fixed metal or ceramic braces could never provide . Also as they can be removed they become very esthetic. There are no diet restriction on there braces so it is very welcome by the foodies. The fixed braces come with restrictions on the hard and sticky types of food.

         There are  lot of aligner companies in the market . What brand do you select.They are numerous brands available we ( Dentists )  generally select product on their past treatment record and the complexity of case they can deal with and the after care support the companies provide .

The treatment with aligners usually taken month.It is very easy to think financially and select the cheapest of the brand available.This is not true but,as the cheaper brands have inferior software and inferior  material used in the manufacture of the plastic trays also, a lot of follow up in required.It is always safe to use aligner under the Supervision of a dentist.

How much does Invisible braces cost

Most times the companies promise more than what they can deliver. It is better to understand the limitations of the various brands

        It is the job of the dentist to understand the complexity and advice the right brand of aligners. Sometimes the planning of aligners  requires the use of some additional buttons on the teeth or some space creation is needed

       The cost and affordability of algiers make it an ideal choice for treatment of smile correction.

Aligners in India are available from as low as 45000 INR to the premium brands working upto 2,00,000 INR

The author Dr Sidharth Shankar is a cosmetic dentist at Smilekraft Bangalore, .Dentistry since 2001.

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