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A guide to composite fillings.

A guide to composite fillings.

I come across a lot of people who want to get their smile corrected but due to the financial crisis, they tend to hold back. 

Well, there is a good news!

Composites can be used to give you a confident smile, but only to certain conditions like the closure of gaps between teeth, broken or chipped teeth or to change the color and size of teeth. People having irregular or proclaimed teeth have to opt for dental braces.

Composites can also be used as a cavity filling to restore the health of decayed teeth. Since they are tooth-colored, it is difficult for others to notice you have got a cavity filled.



They are made of a unique combination of tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture. Composite is placed on top of the teeth in layers and hardened using a UV light.


What are the Pros and Cons?


  • Composites come in a variety of shades to match your teeth color exactly, giving a natural appearance.
  • Less trimming of the teeth
  • It hardens in a matter of second and gives a stronger bond


  • Composites tend to stain very soon. If you are a vivid tea, coffee or wine consumer you need to be a little careful.
  • You need to polish your teeth every 3-4 months to retain the color.



So, composites do give you magical results provided you take good care of them.


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